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Track tasks and manage workflows with Tallyfy

Say goodbye to busywork

“Are you done yet?”

“Are you done yet?”

“Are you done yet?”

No one likes that guy. And the good news is that you don’t have to be that guy.

Passive-aggressive check-ins aren’t the only way to keep everyone on track.

Now, there’s Tallyfy.

Tallyfy is a workflow software that helps businesses track tasks, run approval workflows, and manage processes in real time.

Tallyfy’s extensive template library will make sure you never forget a step or procedure again. All you have to do to get the productivity bus rolling is choose a template and click on “Start Process.”

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

Once you’re movin’, Tallyfy will capture all process data in real-time.

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips – from onboarding customers and clients to directing proposals and contracts, to tracking customer journeys, to taco distribution!

Tallyfy is the ultimate tool for teams looking to end miscommunication, increase productivity, and scale operations (aka all teams everywhere).

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

Usually, access to the Tallyfy Pro Plan with 3 users is $1,080 per year.

But after throwing a tantrum at TGI Friday’s, we were able to get Tallyfy to give Sumo-lings a souped-up version of their Pro Plan.

Here’s what’s included:

    • 3 users/co-workers
    • Unlimited processes
    • Unlimited guests
    • 25 GB of storage per user
    • Zapier (coming soon) + API integrations

Don’t freak out, Sumo-lings, but you can snag lifetime access to this deal for just $39!

Just think of all of the headaches and stress you will avoid with efficient workflows!

Start getting your team on track with Tallyfy now!

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

Tallyfy’s workflows aren’t just efficient – they’re powerful.

Workflows are automated in response to the triggers, alarms, and schedules you set. Integration is done via Tallyfy’s open API.

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

Tallyfy is also building awesome plugins and add-ons for Outlook and Gmail. (These plug-ins are currently being tested, but they’ll be coming your way soon!)

Tallyfy is bringing the incredible power of repeatable processes to all you Sumo-lings.

Lifetime Access to Tallyfy

Staying on top of workflow processes shouldn’t be a hassle.

So if you’re working with a team and need your processes to be on point every time, you can’t afford to miss out on lifetime access to this Tallyfy deal.

Get lifetime access to the Tallyfy Pro Plan for just $39!