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NOW! Drive Targeted Visitors To Any Niche From Every Single Traffic Source

I discovered something in video marketing that made me want to reach out to you immediately and you need to pay attention. Especially, if you’re using any sort of SAAS video syndication app.

You could be putting your social media and video accounts at risk.

The reason is simple. If you’re using a SAAS app to syndicate your videos, they are using a very small pool of IPs to syndicate the videos. The same set of IPs used by scores, hundreds or even thousands of people.

What do you think is going to happen?

Any spammer, scammer, unscrupulous character and a shady person can kill the joy for everyone else in the pool

This software solves the issue


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Imagine getting shadow-banned (where YouTube and Google don’t rank your

content) and not even realizing it?

You could be blaming your videos, your marketing, your entire existence when it’s just some jerk spamming YouTube with phishing videos destroying your business.

Don’t let that happen.


You can’t grow without syndication, but the wrong syndication will not give you a chance to grow.

How about you explode your video performance in the right way then?

Syndicate from your machine!

It could be your own laptop, your home computer or even a VPS, but the videos

have to be pushed out from a computer under your control so that no scammer’s

bad videos can affect you.

Syndicate safely to 17 traffic-exploding sites

Videoeseeder runs directly from your computer and will syndicate your videos to 5 video sites and 12 social media sites on 100% autopilot.

You get the full advantages of syndication with none of the disadvantages.

⭐ Create powerful campaigns, add your social accounts and just add your videos to publish them.

⭐ Upload the video to multiple accounts on 5 top video sites.

⭐ Autoshare the uploaded video to 12 social networks, blogs, and bookmarking site,

⭐ Drive traffic to any offer, any video or any site with hands-free syndication technology.

⭐ Build a powerful backlink machine that just keeps churning out quality backlinks from the most influential sites on the Internet.

⭐ Rank higher on both Google & YouTube and be found for keywords that matter.

⭐ Get organic traffic for weeks, months and even years. Just set up your organic traffic funnel and let it work.

⭐ The powerful queue-management system makes all the posts in 100%

human-like manner using our custom learning algorithm.

⭐ The random and automatic spacing of posts helps protect your business from bans.

⭐ Complete reporting and a really strong administration system.

See a live demo here

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It’s by far the best thing in video syndication to hit the market. A product with all the advantages and benefits of syndication but none of the de-merits.

Videoseeder went live today. It’s the best time to check this product and get it if it appeals to you. Right now, it’s the cheapest.

In fact, in just a few hours it’s going to be 30% more expensive. Take a minute from your time and check it out now.

After all, we all deserve a good thing (free traffic).

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