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Create video ads in minutes with Clipman

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Create video ads in minutes that increase engagement and drive sales

Video ads are way more effective at increasing sales and conversions than static content.

Plain and simple.

But, creating video ads can be a nightmare. (The last time I tried creating a video ad I ended up on the floor in the fetal position.)

Fortunately for Sumolings, our good friends over at Clipman are here to make creating videos easy.

Clipman is a software tool used to create product videos that boost e-commerce marketing.

The video ads created with Clipman can be used to sell products on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. (Clipman’s Facebook Ad integration lets you create video ads straight from Clipman!)

Clipman videos can also be used to drive traffic, engage viewers (especially the lazy ones), and increase clickthrough rates in email campaigns.

This point-and-click tool makes it easy to create video ads in minutes using video clips and images you already have!

Videos can be created in one of two ways: from product pages or templates.

Get Lifetime Access to Clipman

Regularly, Clipman charges $997 for access to their tool, plus extra for premium templates.

Even though this is already a generous offer from Clipman, we pushed them to provide a better deal for Sumolings. (This pushing may or may not have happened very close to the edge of a cliff.)

For a limited time, Sumolings can get lifetime access to everything Clipman offers, including all their templates, for a single payment of just $99!

Start creating money-making videos right now!

With Clipman, you can have access to:

  • Unlimited HD videos
  • Create videos from a URL: Paste any URL and Clipman will create a video from the website content – including text, images, and even video content.

  • Create videos from templates: Choose a template you like and fill it with content in just a few clicks. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Updates: All future updates and templates are included in this deal.

When contemplating different options for video creation, you quickly realize Clipman is the way to go.

For example, against other tools, Clipman offers superior templates and a more user-friendly interface.

It also boasts freakishly fast video creation and rendering time.

Lastly, there are no watermarks and you are able to add custom branding.

If you don’t have hours/days to spend creating videos, or don’t have the marketing budget to hire a graphic designer, give Clipman a chance.

Clipman will impress you with its simplicity and fantastic results.

Get the ball rolling on video ad creation now.

Secure lifetime access for just $99 right here!


  • All Features: Create Videos From URLs. Create Videos from Templates. Create multiple videos simultaneously. Upload To YouTube. U
  • Unlimited Videos + HD videos
  • No Watermark
  • Custom Branding
  • All Templates
  • Includes all future updates & templates
  • 60-day money back guarantee. No matter the reason.

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